Mouse left click -------------------------------------------melee attack/range attack

Mouse right click ----------------------------------------- block

Mouse right click+A/D -----------------------------------walk+block

A -------------------------------------------------------------move left

D -------------------------------------------------------------move right

T --------------------------------------------------------------transform 

Left shift -----------------------------------------------------dodge roll

Spacebar ---------------------------------------------------- jump

Summons Description:

Akira - Punches her enemies using her fist

Orc - Heavy attacks, jumps low and runs slow

Cat - Shoots out arrows, jumps the highest 

Wraith - Medium attacks using scythe weapon, jumps medium 

Dragon - Shoots out fireballs, jumps low and runs slow

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Please provide comments down below and let us know what you guys think of our concept. Tell us what you guys like about our game so far and what we can do to improve it. Also, what bugs have you discovered while playing our game? Do you see yourself purchasing a copy of this game, when released, at a low price?

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