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Game Description:

Rize of the Summond is a 2D metroidvania, fantasy game, focused on transforming into multiple summonds in order to unlock new abilities, to traverse to new areas, complete puzzles, and defeat enemies. Beware of the secrets and challenges that awaits you.

Player will have to manage using these summonds, along with their spells, special abilities and stamina, in order to survive the challenging levels in the game. Play as an aggressive orc, cute cat humanoid creature, firebreathing dragon humanoid, wraith, and many more summonds. Pressing two specific keys results in displaying unique combo sequences for many of the summonds, but don't forget to make use of the blocking mechanic.

Collect variety of coins through enemy drops, secret rooms, and breakeable objects, in order to use them to purchase upgradeable items, weapons, and spells.

So, explore the Kingdom of Elaria, along with more than 16 levels, and encounter uniquely designed enemies. Most enemies will have higher levels and are shown, not only with reskins (different color), but also with increase amount of attachments (rather it's more tails, armor pieces, etc). Of course, enemies increase in attack damage and gains more health, as you encounter higher levels of them. Defeat the ultimate boss to bring peace back to the village, at least for now!

Key Features:

-Transform into 10+ playable Summonds
-Combination of melee combat and magic spells
-Interesting puzzles and story elements
-Side quests
-Weapon Upgrades
-Spell Upgrades
-DIalogue with voice acting
-Many creative enemies
-Amazing visual and sound feedbacks
-Management strategy
-Many secrets

Beginning Lore:

The Kingdom of Elaria, a kingdom whose citizens have lived in harmony for thousands of years, was once ruled by a man named King Nasir. Nasir was just a righteous king. He defended his people from the first Demon legion that attacked Elaria and its neighboring villages. Nasir defeated the Demon Lord Ysera with not just his army, but with the help of creatures called the Summoneds. Nasir absorbed the powers of these creatures and beat Ysera but as a result, Nasir slowly became to lose his grip on his humanity as the powers of these creatures are still demonic. Because he obtained all of these powers, the people of Elaria no longer viewed Nasir as human and started to fear him. On the verge of destroying Ysera, Ysera tells Nasir that he can help him regain his humanity. Nasir listens and is told that in order for him to regain his humanity and stop the demon hordes from visiting the realm of mortals, Nasir would have to send demon souls back to the underworld, including the summoneds that he used to defeat Ysera. The magic needed to do that would relieve Nasir of his demonic energy and eventually turn him human again. Because the Summoneds did not trust Ysera, they decided to disobey Nasir and separate themselves from him; allowing Ysera to control him in their place. Nasir becomes the new Demon lord as the summoneds flee. Nasir now rules over the demon horde and now under the control of Ysera, heads to destroy Elaria and its villages.


Build_1.4.zip (43 MB)


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